Introduction to Risk Assessment using GIS - Workshop


The objective of this workshop is multiple. It aims to:

  1. present the latest and updated results of the Country Disaster Risk Profile for Bahamas (developed by IH Cantabria)
  2. introduce attendees to the use of GIS tools
  3. explain the fundamentals of the risk methodology used in the project.

This workshop provides a valuable opportunity to share IH Cantabria’s experiences in risk assessment projects developed around the world (America, Asia and Europe) and stakeholders’ experience in the region.

According to these goals, the workshop will deal with the following tasks:

  • Short introduction: A general overview of the project and update of the final results obtained within the project will be briefly introduced to the attendees.
  • A general introduction to QGIS software.
  • An applied explanation and exercises of the three components of risk assessment: hazard, exposure and vulnerability.
  • Finally, an applied explanation and exercises of risk assessment.