The global value of mangroves for risk reduction: Technical report

Published in The Nature Conservancy, 2018

Mangroves act as natural defenses that protect people and property from flooding, reducing coastal risk. Yet these protective benefits are often not fully accounted for in policy and management decisions, and mangroves continue to be lost. This work rigorously values the social and economic coastal protection benefits provided by mangroves. By identifying where these natural coastal defenses provide the greatest flood reduction benefits, this work informs policies for adaptation, sustainable development, and environmental restoration.

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Recommended citation: Losada, I. J., P. Menéndez, A. Espejo, S. Torres, P. Díaz-Simal, S. Abad, M. W. Beck , S. Narayan, D. Trespalacios, K. Pfliegner, P. Mucke, L. Kirch. 2018. The global value of mangroves for risk reduction. Technical Report. The Nature Conservancy, Berlin. doi: 10.7291/V9DV1H2S

Summary report also available here